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I believe that there was a six day creation. I believe, with everything within my heart and head, that our God, who spoke the universe into existence, could create the earth and everything in it in six days. When you study nature and learn about the complex makeup and how all the incredible parts work together...then I don't understand how anyone could NOT believe there is a God Creator...

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I also absolutely believe in the Creator, not evolution. There are many that present the THEORY of evolution as fact and refuse to consider any other explanation. I believe this may be in part because of the rebellious spirit in mankind looking for any explanation other than a Holy, Just, Omnipotent Creator to whom we will all answer some day.
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I agree as well. I just never have been able to understand how someone could look at the complexity of our universe, the earth, and even our own bodies and say it all happened because of an accident. I also agree with TED on this; I believe that this is just a response from the wordly nature of the flesh to reject the truth. It has been in us all from the fall of man. To have a scientific theory is not wrong but to push your theory as fact, then cloud and taint the eveidence to support your theory IS wrong. I am in total agreement with you both.

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