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Doesn't is seem like a large earthquake is happening somewhere in the world every few days? And there are literally thousands of smaller earthquakes every year.  What about the massive tsunamis that have occured in recent years? Scientists say earthquakes have not increased in frequency, it is only an improvement in our ability to detect them that makes it seem as though they happen more frequently. Well......maybe, but....

Has anyone noticed how many volcanoes are erupting all over the earth? Not only the ones on land, but the ones in the oceans as well? Many of these volcanoes have been dormant for years but now are awakening.

Does it seem as though there is more severe weather than there used to be? More super cell thunderstorms, tornadoes in unheard of numbers and intensity, massive floods, record temperatures both hi and low, record snowfall, weird cloud formations, etc.

Has anyone else noticed all the unrest around the globe? The European union is on the verge of economic collapse. There are uprisings in Arab countries which have already overthrown some leaders, and more may follow. The "Occupy" demonstrations are a global phenomenon and show no sign of ending anytime soon.

I know what I think about all this, but what do YOU think?

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Richelle Lowman
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I agree with where it seems you're going with your thoughts.  It scares me a little because there's just no denying what's coming anymore, but at the same time - all these occurrences have the effect of making me even MORE sure in the undeniable truth in God's Word.  God is truth and God has shown us every step of the way that He is the only answer we need.  How much more clear does He have to be?! 


Every single thing that happens in today's world is just another way that God is showing us to take heart because He is coming soon - there's no way around it!  Be strong, be encouraged - and STUDY.  Know the words of the Lord our God, KNOW that you are saved, and know what to watch for.  It will come - sooner than we may think!

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Site Owner
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Its funny you mention that because just as I was reading your post I recived a notification in my email from the USGS (signed up for live updates a while back) for Peru. I have acctually been keeping up with this for a little while now and I have some information you might find interesting. Here is a list of the latest notable earthquakes.

September 12   6.2 Mw - NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA

September 14   6.1 ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (Russia)

September 15   7.2  Fiji region

September 16   6.2 honshu Japan

September 17   6.6 Honshu Japan (off the coast)

September 18   6.8 Sikkim India

September 22   6.2 Tonga   

October 7            6.5 Mw - SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS

October 14          6.7 Mw - EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG

October 21          7.6 Mw - KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION

October 23          7.3 M - EASTERN TURKEY

October 27           6.0 Mw - FIJI REGION

October 28           6.9 Mw - NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL PERU

I would say these are the "birth pangs". Or the signs of the end as stated in the Bible. Its the earthquakes in divers places. I would say we are only seeing a very small portion of what is to come. As for the storms I agree and I have some interesting verses about that as well. My Grandmother actually picked these out in light of the "tornado outbreak" we had back in the summer. See what you think about what these verses are saying. I think these verses point to God showing us his wrath because we have trampled on his commandments as a nation.

Jeremiah 23:19 and 25:32 ,    Nahum 1:3


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